Opportunity for You!!!

Hi Huns,

I have a question for all yall. Are you sick of going to work everyday and want to make money sitting on the couch in your pajamas...your pajamas!! Well I will let you in on a little business venture :) :) I have already made hundreds of dollars this year and so can you. Many of you already know about the healing power of crystals, but do you know what really makes it work is the natural power of the sun. My new revolutionary healing process is called... Crystal Light. Surround yourself with these organic crystals while you are sun bathing for a ionic energy boost. Realign your energy patterns to promote the natural healing process. For even more chakras, bring the crystals into your tanning bed with you.


Now this fantastic idea shouldn’t be limited to just our little friend group. For a low entry fee of $500.00, a nonrefundable deposit of $999, and a great attitude, you can start spreading the light with your own starter kit. The starter kit includes 2 packs of crystals (one for you and for your first customer (*squeal* getting your first customer feels amazing)) and instructions on how to host your own Crystal Light party. Once you get going, you really get going. Each new 5 crystal pack is only $500. Once you become your own boss, you can get others to help spread the word about Crystal Light and start your own clan of self-bosses. Demonstrated on our cone of success, you will see how the good vibes and money really start flowing in.

Crystal Light!!!

Be brave. Dont be afraid of messaging people on Facebook you havent seen in years. You know who really needs Crystal Light healing, people going through trauma or family problems. Look for those who lost their jobs or loved ones. They may not sound appreciative at first, but they will thank you later when there meridians are unclogged. THIS HAS BE PROVEN TO CURE AND PREVENT CORONA BUT FAKE NEWS WON'T TALK ABOUT IT.

-- Love Yah,
The team at shawnmalloy.com